April 28, 2015 News 4 Comments

Najwa is no stranger to bombshells, keeping a few ground-shaking ones up her sleeve just to maintain that warm artist-fan relation going.

As you’ve all seen yesterday, our beloved diva’s very first Periscope was nothing short of an instant hit, and not just because of her voguish beauty. Yesterday, we saw the very next step in entertainment, where the fans decide which live song they want to be streaming on their handheld via the booming app nowadays; Periscope.

Two challenges have been presented: the Tuesday-Wednesday challenge will be up for Friday’s concert & the Thursday-Friday challenge will be up for Saturday’s concert. During these 24 hour intervals fans will either be tweeting (for example) #Choose3alSakhra or #ChooseYkhaliliAlbak and the hashtag that gets the most engagement from fans will have it’s respective song broadcasting on Periscope during the concert.


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Written by NKO