January 17, 2017 News 6 Comments

Najwa Karam nailed it this year with her many dazzling appearances and looks that have been extremely loved by both journalists and fans.
Here are some of her most beautiful ones:

1- Her gorgeous appearances were not limited to dresses only, for she looked very elegant in jumpsuits too.


2–  Najwa’s Instagram was lit this year too with more than 108K likes for a picture from “Deni Ya Dana” Music Video, that features Najwa in a short dress sitting on a chair.


3– She embraced her beautiful shape in a fall colors dress during the press conference held with Dr. Samir Geagea regarding her participation at the Cedars International Festival in 2017.


4– Beside posting continuous pictures featuring her looks, Najwa makes sure to share selfies every now and then which pushed her Fans into calling her “Queen of Selfies”!


5– She even surprised her fans with a new trendy short haircut during the shooting of Arabs Got Talent auditions. Her appearance was completed with a short skirt and a pink shirt, a look that has taken us back to high school days as described by the journalists.


6– A picture for Najwa Karam in a jeans jumpsuit and long dropped down hair. She completed her look with a pair of Stella McCartney’s Elyse shoes from “Yekhreb Baytak” Music Video.


7– She looked gorgeous wearing a purple and turquoise mermaid cut dress in one of her concerts in Algeria.


8– Black high-waist pants paired with a black top made her outfit in Stars On Board look so elegant and stylish too.


9– She dazzled the Tunisian audience in Carthage Festival wearing this white crepe dress with gold embroideries inspired by the pharaonic culture.


10– Najwa Karam Looked like a Queen wearing this royal fully embroidered burgundy tulle dress with cape in Jerash Festival – Jordan.


11– Najwa Karam sure to set all eyes on her not only when wearing dresses but in casual looks too, and that’s one of her casual outfits wore during the MBC’s 25th anniversary rehearsals.


12– Najwa Karam looked gorgeous in a Nicolas Jebran costum-made crystal-embellished dark red gown in her Christmas concert in Germany.

Written by NKO